Dutch Quality Engineering

At Viscon we believe that working with quality products and materials will make us long term partners. Our equipment is reliable and will stand the test of time. Due to our quality set ups our projects can easily be expanded. All our projects are built for intensive use and will keep your productions process constant and reliable over the long run.

Scheduled Servicing

By planning in scheduled maintenance on the Vinovo Select Line, our engineers are able to support your hatchery performance by carrying out corrective and preventative maintenance. This approach has been specially designed with you in mind to ensure that the Vinovo Select Line operates with minimal downtime to promote dependability and reliability. By subscribing to our improved initiative, you can be rest assured that our service engineers will be at your facility on a fixed basis to help you in your performance.

Training And Support

Our specially designed training modules ensures a strategic balance between theory and practice is offered to your staff. The fundamentals learned in these modules allow for familiarity and appropriate accreditation to successfully operate the Vinovo Select Line. This results into not only ensuring that your staff can accurately identify and troubleshoot issues as they arise, but also that an indepth understanding is promoted, increasing the overall awareness of the in-ovo and hatchery operations. Further to this, the development of our improved support program allows for peace of mind in ensuring that Vinovo has your interests at heart whenever you call upon us.


Phone: +31 (0) 78 673 9898

Fax: +31 (0) 78 673 2629

E-mail parts: parts@viscon.eu

E-mail service Hatchery: service-hatchery@viscon.eu

E-mail service Vinovo: service-vinovo@vinovo.eu

TREGG Information System

TREGGTM information software has been specially and specifically designed for you in that it gathers, manages and helps you analyse the processes in your hatchery. Information relating to individual and group flock performance, automation processes and hatching results can be collated to help improve your understanding of your hatchery’s overall performance. Further to this, the functionalities from TREGG can be utilized to aid the servicing and support aspect to your hatchery environment.