About vinovo

Vinovo is a division of the leading hatchery automation company, Viscon Hatchery Automation. Vinovo provides the latest revolutionary techniques in in ovo vaccination. Since the 90’s, Viscon Hatchery Automation has grown and developed with the industry and today stands as one of the market leaders in intelligent automation solutions for broiler, layer and breeder hatcheries worldwide.

While building on expertise with research, continual innovation and a pragmatic approach, each project undertaken whether it be standalone machinery, modifying an existing hatchery or helping to build some of the world’s largest hatcheries, has allowed Viscon to become a specialist in the field.

Viscon has diversified its automation capabilities to be able to offer more. Topics like health, hygiene, disease prevention and traceability are just mere examples of what our automation can help achieve. For in ovo vaccination Viscon has developed a new line of machines. This product line carries the brand Vinovo and offers hatcheries a bio-secure and accurate solution for in ovo vaccination that will improve health and welfare of chicks, starting from the earliest stage in the hatchery.